(Photo: Getty Images)

Australian singer-songwriter Sia has lined up another gig that won’t require her to show her strategically obscured face: voice actress for a magical singing horse. Hasbro announced today at one of its Comic-Con panels that the This Is Acting performer will be appearing in the upcoming My Little Pony movie, where she’ll play a hoofed chanteuse by the name of Songbird Serenade.

Sia—whose previous acting career has mostly been confined to cameos in Transparent, South Park, and the most recent film version of Annie—will star alongside a number of previously announced performers, including Orange Is The New Blacks Uzo Aduba, and real-life magical pixie woman Kristin Chenoweth. (The—sigh—mane cast of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will also star.) Sia will also provide two original songs for the soundtrack of the animated film, which is currently slated to hit theaters on October 6, 2017.