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Sia’s star-studded Coachella performance was amazing, apparently

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These days, Sia is better known for her signature skunk hairdo and her ongoing creative partnership with 13-year-old Dance Moms refugee Maddie Ziegler than her stage show, probably because she hasn’t done a full concert set since 2011. Until Sunday night, anyway, when she wowed (and confused) the 60,000-plus crowd at Coachella with a 13-song set that Billboard calls “something closer to performance art than pop music.”

Reviews for the set have been, thus far, glowing. The Los Angeles Times says the singer “cleverly flipped the script” on the festival, Nylon refers to it as “already legendary,” Fuse says it’s “one of [Coachella’s] best ever,” and Consequence Of Sound reports simply that Redditors are ”losing their shit” over the performance. Katy Perry liked it too:


Maybe that’s because it included dancers—both live and on video, celebrity (Tig Notaro, Paul Dano, and Kristen Wiig all made cameos, along with Ziegler, of course) and non-celebrity—dancing wigs, diamond-studded gloves, people in animal heads doing interpretive dance, giant pants, a giant dress, and, you know, some songs.

But don’t take The A.V. Club’s word for it: You can watch the whole thing here, and see a clip of Kristen Wiig in a wig from Instagram user montanablackdiamond (found via Pitchfork) below.

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