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Sia releases a new game, still won’t show herself

Kristin Wiig and Maddie Ziegler at the 2014 Grammys

The reclusive single-named chanteuse Sia has finally made the next logical step and moved on from the game of keeping her image a secret to making an actual game. In conjunction with the release of the digital deluxe version of her album 1000 Forms Of Fear, the pop singer-songwriter has released Bob Job, a game now available for download at Google Play and the Apple Store.

Created by the good people as Mass Threat, the gameplay involves matching sets of unicorns, puppies, and her signature hair bob before time runs out. So, it’s basically one of the many variants of Candy Crush Saga, only a little more twee and streamlined. It’s not unlike what you’d imagine Zooey Deschanel transmogrified into game form would be like. However, in-app purchases go to support Best Friends Animal Society, dedicated to helping homeless pets and eliminating shelter pet killing; as a result, Bob Job gets The A.V. Club seal of minimal-mockery approval. Even if the whole “I’ll never show my face” thing is getting a little precious there, Thomas Pynchon.

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