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Sia, Grimes, and Shark Tank’s Chris Sacca are matching donations to the ACLU right now

(Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Earlier today, the American Civil Liberties Union went into action, suing the White House on behalf of two would-be refugees detained as a result of President Trump’s executive order banning travel into the country from a number of majority-Muslim countries. And while it’s easy for people to feel powerless when observing this sort of strife from far away—especially if they’re not in a position to attend protests and rallies like the ones happening in Los Angeles and New York tonight—a few big musical names are making it a little easier for people to have their impact felt.

As reported by Pitchfork, musical artists Sia and Grimes have both pledged to match donations made to the ACLU (or the Council on American–Islamic Relations, in Grimes’ case), provided pictures are sent to them of the donation receipt. Grimes will match donations made to the organization up to $10,000, while Sia has extended her offer out to $100,000.


But pop’s single-named chanteuses aren’t the only ones ponying up funds to amplify people’s donation dollar; Shark Tank star and celebrity investor Chris Sacca is making a similar offer; he’ll matching funds up to $150,000, meaning that, for a while least, every dollar someone donates to the ACLU is actually worth $4. (Also, it serves as a pretty good basis for a ”Sia, Grimes, and a Shark Tank guy walk into a bar” joke that we’ll presumably write at some later, less depressing date.)


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