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Shutter Island temporarily shuttered

This hasn't been the best summer for movies, but film buffs have been patient, knowing that the fall should be packed with goodies. New Coens, new Wes Anderson, new Spike Jonze, new Martin Scor… wait, what? Well, crap. According to columnist Nikki Finke, Martin Scorsese's adaptation of Dennis Lehane's Shutter Island has been bumped from October to February, reportedly because Paramount can't afford to mount an Oscar campaign for it at this time. Finke also notes that early test screenings have gone very well, and judging by the gleefully batshit trailer, Shutter Island looks more like an over-the-top horror film (perhaps inspired by Scorsese's recent affection for Korean pulp cinema) than Oscar-bait anyway. So this news likely does not mean that the movie sucks. It just sucks that we won't get to see it for another six months.


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