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Shudder's new Creepshow series to feature stories from Stephen King and Bird Box's Josh Malerman

Bird Box
Photo: Netflix

Amid all the Twilight Zones, Black Mirrors, and Scary Stories Wot We Tell In The Dark, it can be easy to let a single TV horror anthology series—especially one planted out in the wilds of the genre-specific streaming service landscapeslip through the cracks. But Shudder seems determined to make sure we sit up and take notice of its TV adaptation of Creepshow, announcing that a whole host of big-name horror authors—including old Jordy Verrill himself, Stephen King—will be contributing stories to the service’s first stab at original programming.

Creepshow is being headed up by Greg Nicotero, who made his spoooOOOOooky bones on the set of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The series has also managed to recruit one of the biggest names operating in modern horror at the moment: Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box, which quickly became one of Netflix’s biggest success stories to date (and who, weirdly enough, our TV editor, Erik Adams, interviewed way back in 2009, when he was just The High Strung frontman Josh Malerman, instead). Malerman’s story for the series, “House Of The Head,” was published back in 2017, and apparently centers on bad goings-on surrounding a malevolent dollhouse.


Other authors involved in the project include NOS4A2 author (and King’s son), Joe Hill, The Bottoms’ Joe Lansdale, and Monster House’s Rob Schrab. Given that there are more stories cited in the press release than installments in the show’s six-episode order, meanwhile, we’re also going to go ahead and assume it’s going to be even more of an anthology series than we previously thought, putting multiple shorts into a single episode’s running time.

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