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Shudder lands exclusive streaming rights to new cult hit Mandy

Photo: Mandy (Shudder)

It’s already a little hard to see Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy in the ideal format, which is in a big theater full of other people who love Nicolas Cage and horror/action/thriller movies, but streaming service Shudder has chosen to bolster its already-impressive offerings by landing the exclusive streaming rights to Mandy. This comes as Mandy’s distributor, RLJ Entertainment, has tried to reenergize its theatrical rollout by adding additional screenings, which is a thing doesn’t happen for movies like Mandy that hit on-demand services on the same day as their theatrical premieres. Thanks to this Shudder deal, though, future generations that also love Nicolas Cage and horror/action/thriller movies will at least know where they can see Cage brutally slaughter the members of a twisted cult in Mandy. From there, you just have to hook something with the Shudder app up to a projector, and you can see Mandy on as big of a screen as you want.

Shudder’s press release doesn’t say when Mandy will hit the service, but it will at least be “soon.”


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