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It still feels way too early to be sipping Pumpkin Spice Lattes and wearing cozy sweaters outside, but it’s never too early to turn of all the lights, close the curtains, and spend a few days watching an endless marathon of horror movies. The cable networks have mostly backed away from their old month-long Halloween celebrations, when you could always trust that there’d be one or two crummy Friday The 13th sequels on at all times throughout the month of October, but luckily the Shudder streaming service is here—as always—to pick up the spooky slack.

As announced in a press release today, Shudder will be debuting a new original movie every week from now until Halloween, along with a collection of legitimately good horror classics (given the horror selection on some of Shudder’s streaming competitors, that is a true blessing). The Shudder originals all have snappy names like Satan’s Slaves, Revenge, Terrified, Witch In The Window, and True Horror, and the non-originals include Halloween, a couple Halloween sequels, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a bunch of Alfred Hitchcock movies. Those are coming on the first two days of October, but again, the originals will be hitting every week from now until the end of next month.


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