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Shudder announces Visitations podcast with Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and a killer rosters of guests

Image: Shudder

If there’s one thing that we, as a species, love almost as much as telling ourselves scary stories, it’s talking about why they spook us as much as they do. Hence (part of) the appeal of Shudder’s new Visitations podcasts, an exploration of cinematic horror and the ways it helps us cope with the modern world. The other part of the appeal, meanwhile, is the murderer’s row of talent that the streaming horror service has lured in to work on the project, including hosts Elijah Wood and Mandy producer Daniel Noah, and guests ranging from Taika Waititi to John Landis to Ana Lily Amirpour.

That’s a hell of a roster (and we haven’t even gotten to Mike Flanagan, Dan Harmon, Flying Lotus, or Woodshock directors Kate and Laura Mulleavy yet), with voices ranging from the comedic to the deadly serious on the topic of the cathartic power of “safe” cinematic fear. For those interested in the show—which debuts in full on May 31, with a conversation with What We Do In The Shadows director Waititi—you can check out an audio trailer for it over at Apple Music.


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