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Shrekfest is going online this year

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Photo: Grant Duffrin/Shrekfest

It was a few years back that we were cursed with Shrek Retold, a crowdsourced, feature-length remake of the Scottish ogre movie that proves just how much this deeply shitty franchise has poisoned our brains. Naturally, the same freaks who made it are also responsible for Shrekfest, an annual event that taunts the gods with its face paint, Smash Mouth singalongs, and general deification of the Green One. Due to COVID, Shrekfest’s seventh iteration will unfold online, and its main event will be a communal screening of the mind-bending Shrek Retold.


Shrek-Heads will also be able to revel in a veritable bounty of fan-submitted artwork, animation, and music, all of which will be shared during the event’s all-day stream on Saturday. Get more info (and a hear an incredible MIDI version of “All Star”) at the official Shrekfest website.

You can also catch a preview of the festivities below:

Shrekfest goes down this Saturday, September 19. See it on the official Twitch channel of the event’s organizers, 3GI Industries. As you count down the hours, why not revisit our definitive ranking of the five Shrek movies, which is definitely a thing we did.

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