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Shrek 5 writer says he’s reinventing the franchise

DreamWorks has been recommitting to properties and authors lately—the animation studio recently announced it would adapt another one of How To Train Your Dragon creator Cressida Cowell’s books. Now the production company is giving The Hollywood Reporter an update on its proposed Shrek revival. Baby Mama and The Boss Baby screenwriter Michael McCullers was tapped to craft another chapter in the ogre’s fairy tale. And apparently, with great Shrek power comes great Shrek responsibility—McCullers tells THR he felt “a pretty big reinvention” was warranted for the franchise, which already holds four films and has lots of “beloved… great characters.”

McCullers wasn’t at liberty to proffer any Shrek 5 details, but he did cop to really digging his completed script, which he describes as “really personal” to him. And in other DreamWorks news, preproduction on Hotel Transylvanian 3 is going swimmingly.


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