The exasperation America felt at Wall Street over the financial collapse will at last take on sentient form, as Paul Giamatti explodes in the face of Homeland’s Damian Lewis for Showtime. The two have signed on to star in the cable network’s pilot Billions from Giamatti’s Illusionist director Neil Burger, which promised to take “a forensic look at the world of high finance” in much the same way that CSI takes a forensic look at a mutilated murder victim. Giamatti will play a “hard-charging, whip-smart” U.S. Attorney who goes after Lewis’ “hedge fund king,” with a disheveled Giamatti no doubt unleashing a ragged torrent of accusations in Lewis’ face, as he responds with that usual, pursed-lip Damian Lewis smile, with that dynamic perfectly rendered human. Meanwhile, the American people will be portrayed by an old basset hound in the corner who lifts his head wearily at the commotion, exhales a single snort, then goes back to sleep.