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Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime series Who Is America? ended by turning a Trumper into a terrorist and Sarah Palin into a cheap punchline, but that wasn’t enough for the premium cable network. Baron Cohen has said that the show is done and that he won’t be coming back for more, but Showtime itself isn’t quite so ready to say goodbye. According to Entertainment Weekly, Showtime hasn’t formally canceled the show yet, and it’s apparently hoping it can eventually convince him to come back for some new episodes.


Baron Cohen seemed pretty adamant on Sunday that his show was over, though, tweeting that the episode of Who Is America? would be the “last EVER.”

Of course, Baron Cohen is a shapeshifter, so he could always come back in secret with some new show about humiliating bad people. Showtime was very quiet about promoting Who Is America? until right before it aired, so if the network ever starts teasing a new interview show about a bizarre man whose whole face looks fake, we should all know what’s up.

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