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Showtime has picked up its second 2014 comedy pilot, a progressive show entitled Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, whose premise revolves around a girl who gives up a successful life in order to seek love. There will also be singing.

According to Deadline, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the story of “a successful, driven, and possibly crazy young woman who impulsively gives up everything—her partnership at a prestigious law firm and her upscale apartment in Manhattan—in a desperate attempt to find love and happiness in that exotic hotbed of romance and adventure: West Covina, CA.”


Rachel Bloom will star in the show as that possibly crazy young woman, Rebecca. The actress/comedian has already made a name for herself in the comedy world and on YouTube with videos such as “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury” and “I Was A Mermaid And Now I’m A Pop Star.” The show comes from Aline Brosh McKenna, who wrote The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend joins Cameron Crowe’s Roadies in the prospective new Showtime comedy lineup.    

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