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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Showtime renews iShameless/i, iHouse Of Lies/i, its commitment to comedies about awful people

With Californication set to go out with a bang more final than all its many other bangs, Showtime has renewed its commitments to its other, slightly newer comedy series about awful people behaving awfully. Joining the already-renewed Episodes, House Of Lies and Shameless will also get fourth and fifth seasons, respectively, ensuring another year of fuck-ups and fixers and the people who love and loathe them. The William H. Macy-starring Shameless is experiencing its highest-rated season yet—up 8 percent over last year—as more and more viewers tune into the story of how one tough family refuses to let their father’s alcoholism stand in the way of them also screwing up their lives. Meanwhile, House Of Lies has remained steady at around 3 million viewers, though that number could grow once more people realize that it’s one show where you can see Daniel Stern and T.I. sharing the same television space, and that Kristen Bell is still on it.


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