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Showtime renews Shameless for a seventh season


The sixth season of Shameless literally just started, but apparently Showtime is still so happy with the series that it has already picked it up for a seventh. This comes from Deadline, which quotes Gary Levine, Showtime’s president of programming, as saying that the show “has clearly resonated with audiences as evidenced by [its] steady growth on Sunday nights over the past six years.” Speaking of steady growth on Sunday nights, the first episode of season six was apparently the show’s “biggest premiere performance ever,” so it’s pretty easy to see why Shameless was renewed so quickly. Maybe Showtime should just make every episode a season premiere, and then it will always get great ratings.

Season seven of Shameless will most likely hit Showtime about a year from this past Sunday, and then season eight will premiere a year from that, and so on until the ratings have steadily grown so much that everyone in the world gathers around the TV to watch Shameless on Sunday nights (or “Shameless Day” as it will come to be called).


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