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Showtime renews On Becoming A God In Central Florida for a second season

Photo: Showtime

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime has renewed Kirsten Dunst’s On Becoming A God In Central Florida for a second season. This is one of the few happy developments in the show’s long journey from page to screen, with AMC picking it up years ago before it moved on to YouTube’s premium channel, and then Showtime gave it a proper chance at life earlier this summer. Since its premiere in August, it has evidently gone on to become a nice hit for the premium cable network, with Showtime’s co-president of entertainment Jana Winograde referring to it as a “revelation” due to its “imaginative storytelling” and Dunst’s “inspired lead performance.”

The dark comedy series, which was created by Robert Funke and Matt Lutsky, follows Dunst as a water park employee in a small town in Florida who joins up with a cult-like pyramid scheme and quickly schemes her way up through its ranks. Barring some kind of ridiculous network shuffle that involves On Becoming A God getting kicked over to YouTube (as if something like that would ever happen), the new season will most likely premiere next summer.


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