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Showtime renews Homeland

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The premise of the quite good Claire Danes-starring conspiracy thriller Homeland seems as though it could easily exhaust itself after a single, compelling season, so it’s a good thing it’s on Showtime, the network that traditionally looks for shows like that and then clings to them forever. Granted, so far Homeland has only received a second-season renewal—and this after only four episodes have aired—so it’s a bit early to be cynically dreading what sort of twists and turns the series will have to take to extend its central plotline about a driven, possibly crazy CIA agent convinced that a recently rescued POW (Damian Lewis) is actually working for Al Qaeda. In the meantime, this is just welcome news regarding quality television. But in the words of Showtime president David Nevins, “Homeland is just getting started,” which is probably also what he’ll be saying after season four. Hopefully the show’s creators think that as well.


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