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Showtime renews Episodes for a third season of pretending a real Matt LeBlanc sitcom wouldn't get canceled immediately

In welcome news for fans of Matt LeBlanc self-parody, awkward sex scenes, and wry Britishness, Showtime has renewed its showbiz satire Episodes for a third season. Though it was more or less assumed that the comedy would get another year or six, because it's on Showtime, the fact that Episodes is a co-production with the BBC made it something of a question, considering the BBC typically likes to leave them wanting more when it comes to TV series. (No doubt their polite suggestion was met with blank, uncomprehending stares by Showtime's David Nevins.) The series will now return next year with another nine half-hour installments, which will further attempt to justify how its show-within-a-show—a hockey comedy starring Friends' Joey—could have possibly stayed on the air this long.


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