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Showtime renews Californication, Shameless, and House Of Lies, because they are on Showtime

By once again opting not to send in the convenient 3x5 card cancelling their account, Showtime has automatically renewed its subscriptions to Californication, Shameless, and House Of Lies, and is now eligible to send a subscription to a show about a morally conflicted yet lovably irredeemable asshole to a friend, or choose from a selection of free gifts worth up to $50. “These three shows are clearly resonating with audiences as evidenced by their steady growth on Sunday nights,” Showtime president David Nevins said in a statement, adding, “And I could really use one of those shower radios.” The renewal will put Californication in its sixth season, Shameless in its third, and freshman series House Of Lies in its second—all three of them posting improved numbers over their previous seasons and, in the case of House Of Lies, early episodes that most viewers found exhausting approximately 5 minutes into Ben Schwartz's first monologue about tapping that ass. Encouraged by the uptick in viewers, House Of Lies producers have already begun prepping more ways to get Kristen Bell in her underwear.


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