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Showtime renews Billions for a 6th season of angry rich men

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Showtime announced today that America is going to get plenty more chances to tune into television featuring two old, angry, very rich men yelling at each other—and we’re not just talking about the presidential debates! (Ha, ha!) But all incisive and thoughtful political commentary aside, The Wrap reports that Billions has been renewed for a sixth season, because god knows America’s obsession with the rich, smug, and shout-y can’t be allowed to falter for even a single minute.


Currently in the middle of its fifth season, Billions continues to center on Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis as Chuck Rhoades and Axe “Body Spray” Axelrod, respectively, two men brought together by their shared interest in yelling at each other and saying things we only vaguely understand about “leveraging assets.” The series also co-stars Maggie Siff, David Costabile, and Asia Taylor Dillon, who also do a fair amount of yelling/talking in a cold, sinister way about all those assets, which sound pretty important, actually!

Billions is set to return in 2021, just as soon as it’s safe for Paul Giamatti to scream flecks of spittle onto his co-star’s faces once again.

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