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Showtime pretty sure you'll be interested in the Lizzy Caplan-starring Masters Of Sex

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Encouraged by the obvious online anticipation of the series, given the popularity of the search term "lizzy caplan sex," Showtime has officially picked up the one-hour drama Masters Of Sex for 12 episodes (a number you can likely go ahead and multiply by at least four, since it will air on Showtime). As previously reported, Caplan will play Virginia Johnson to Michael Sheen's William Masters, the '60s-era scientists whose research into human sexual behavior greatly influenced the sexual revolution that led to a more modern, liberated era where you can show people doing it on premium cable. Emblematic of its own modern era—the one where seemingly everyone on TV works as a "fixer"—the network has also picked up the Liev Schreiber- (and Jon Voight and Elliott Gould-)starring Ray Donovan, a one-hour drama in which Schreiber's work as a discreet troubleshooter for L.A.'s elite can't help him solve the problems created by his "Southie" Boston family, because that is how irony works. We would elaborate, but likely you've already skipped straight to the comments to offer your warmest congratulation to Caplan on her welcome news, using the gentle manner befitting the nobility of your station.


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