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Showtime president remembers he hasn't canceled Weeds yet, but it's a "real possibility" next season will be its last

Illustration for article titled Showtime president remembers he hasnt canceled emWeeds/em yet, but its a real possibility next season will be its last

Glaringly absent from Showtime president David Nevins’ TCA remarks was any mention of Weeds—a condemnation by omission that, in Showtime’s normally clingy terms, is tantamount to saying that the series is dead and the network is already burning all its master tapes. But it turns out that assumption might be a little bit hyperbolic: Talking to reporters after his panel, Nevins finally remembered that he hadn’t canceled Weeds yet, although in typically non-committal Nevins-speak, it’s now “a real possibility” that the recently confirmed eighth season could be its last. Nevins added that he’s still waiting for showrunner Jenji Kohan to choose among the “couple different paths” she’s currently considering, such as maybe Nancy has angry sex with the entire nation of Colombia, or maybe Shane dies off-screen before the season even starts and never ever comes back, and then Nancy has mournful sex with the entire nation of Colombia. Anyway, once Kohan chooses one of these two options, she and Nevins will have a serious talk about whether the eighth season of Weeds should be its natural, satisfying conclusion, before the show takes frustratingly ridiculous divergence after divergence, and drags on and on until it becomes some sort of shell of its former self.


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