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Showtime orders Jim Carrey stand-up dramedy I’m Dying Up Here to series

(Photo: Getty Images)

According to Deadline, Showtime has ordered to series the Jim Carrey-produced “hour-long dramatic comedy” I’m Dying Up Here, which sounds like it’s about a sickly grandmother hiding in an attic but actually focuses on struggling comedians. Set in the ’70s Los Angeles stand-up scene, the show stars Melissa Leo as Goldie, a comedy club owner who “nurtures her comedians with tough love,” which probably means she has no qualms about leading the crowd in heckling. “It’s a lazy generalization that black people don’t climb mountains for fun!” Goldie will call out. “Talk about your unibrow!” Comedians compelled to talk about their unibrows will be played by RJ Cyler, Ari Graynor, and Sebastian Stan. The cast also includes Clark Duke, Michael Angarano, Erik Griffin, and Stephen Guarino.

The show is written by Dave Felbotte (Masters Of Sex) and is based on William Knoedelseder’s eponymous book. The pilot was directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50, The Night Before). I’m Dying Up Here will shoot in Los Angeles next fall, possibly surprising real comedy-club-goers with intentionally terrible sets that Melissa Leo will loudly complain all the way through.


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