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Showtime orders Ben Stiller’s prison break drama to series

(Photo:  Kristina Nikishina/Epsilon/Getty Images)
(Photo: Kristina Nikishina/Epsilon/Getty Images)

2017 is turning out to be a weirdly good year for TV prison breaks, with Variety reporting that Showtime has given a series order to Ben Stiller’s new show Escape At Dannemora. Starring Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette, and Paul Dano, the series is based on a real-life escape that occurred in upstate New York in 2015. Inspiring a multi-million dollar manhunt, the event had everything you’d want from a juicy TV dramedy: charismatic prisoners, easily seduced prison guards, food poisoning, etc.


Dano and Del Toro will star as fictionalized versions of convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat, who used a combination of subterfuge, seduction, and painting skills to mastermind their escape. Stiller is set to produce and direct the eight-hour series, while Ray Donovan alums Brett Johnson and Michael Tolkin will write.

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