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Showtime orders a Trump-centric season of political documentary series The Circus

(Photo: Getty Images/Pool, Aude Guerrucci)

Last year, Showtime aired a 26-part documentary series called The Circus that chronicled the 2016 Presidential Election as it went from hopeful to horrifying over the course of 11 months. Naturally, that series ended with the election of Donald Trump, making it the only finale that could rival How I Met Your Mother’s in terms of complete and utter misery. In the last month, though, it has become clear that the name The Circus could just as easily apply to Trump’s presidency (mostly because he’s a clown), so Showtime has announced that it’s bringing the show back with a special look at his first 100 days in office.

This comes from Deadline, which reports that series creators Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, and Mark McKinnon will all be back, and they’ll be “capturing pivotal moments,” conducting interviews with “key figures,” and “offering critical analysis of the stories behind each week’s headlines.” The series will return on March 19, and Showtime has already put together a quick teaser:


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