Showtime’s Dexter ended last year, but the network is already working hard to ensure there isn’t a serial killer-sized hole in its programming block for too long. Showtime has closed a deal with Fox 21 to develop Control Alt Delete, a  half-hour comedy about a group of four “smartass, workaholic associates” employed at a prestigious law firm. Like so many working in big business, the four are desperate to climb the corporate ladder. Unlike many, they must do so while trying to avoid becoming the next victim of the office serial killer—a figure who ranks right up there with the office gossip and the office drunk among the people you don’t want to be stuck in an elevator with after a long day on the job.

Control Alt Delete comes courtesy of writer Simeon Goulden, most famous for creating Spy, a British comedy about a bumbling intelligence agent. As to why a show about lawyers and serial killers is called Control Alt Delete, we can only speculate. Maybe the killer is in tech support and has had it up to HERE with those jackasses in accounting forgetting their network passwords.