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Showtime kills SMILF amid allegations of inappropriate behavior against creator-star Frankie Shaw

Photo: Mark Schafer (Showtime)

Late last year we wrote about allegations of inappropriate on-set behavior being lodged against Frankie Shaw, creator, star, and showrunner of Showtime’s two-season dark comedy series SMILF. Shaw addressed the accusations—which included anonymous allegations that she’d failed to maintain a closed set for performers doing a sex scene, and bizarre rumors that she’d segregated the show’s writing staff according to race—during the show’s second season promotional tour, but it doesn’t appear to have been enough: Per The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime has now pulled the plug on the series. It’ll air its final run of episodes, but won’t return for a third season on the air.

Furthermore, Shaw’s bosses at ABC Studios, which produces the series, don’t seem terribly happy with her, either. They issued a statement tonight noting that her overall deal with the Disney-owned studio had been put under suspension, without pay, while “we review our options.”


Divorced from its behind-the-scenes issues, SMILF was a much better show than its obviously terrible title might suggest; Shaw starred as a single mom, attempting to take care of her son while also working and trying to maintain an active sex life. Based on Shaw’s own life experiences, it often embraced the darker, more prosaic aspects of American life, especially when it comes to trying to support a family on a lower class income.

Shaw issued a short statement today, noting only that, “I can’t express how much I’ve loved making this show, how much I love the cast and crew and appreciate Showtime and ABC as creative partners.”

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