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Showtime is finally quitting Weeds

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Like the addict's sudden sobering moment of clarity after years of disappointing those who once loved them, Showtime has decided to cancel Weeds, announcing that after this one last time it's really gonna stop, honest. The show's eighth season debuts July 1, though creator Jenji Kohan telling Entertainment Weekly that she and the writers are still figuring out how to wrap up the story of Mary-Louise Parker's manipulative, marijuana-dealing mom and "top ourselves" in terms of the series' now-obligatory "crazy cliffhangers," such as maybe Parker does something selfish and outlandishly dangerous that, by most rights, would have gotten her killed long ago if she didn’t look like Mary-Louise Parker. Kohan did reveal that the season kicks off with both a "time jump" and "a return to the suburbs" that started it all, stopping short of suggesting that Parker might have rough, submissive sex with someone unsavory. (There has to be some sort of surprise, after all.) Anyway, this news is expected to come as a shock to everyone who thought Weeds ended in its third season.


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