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Showtime has canceled Ray Donovan

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Every once in a while, a news event comes along that is so surprising, so impossible to have predicted that you can feel history being made. We’re not referring to whatever nonsense is happening in Iowa, though, because everybody could tell that was going to be a shitshow. No, we’re talking about the announcement that Showtime has decided to cancel Ray Donovan after seven seasons. That’s surprising on its own, because it seemed like Ray Donovan would keep trucking along forever, but it’s especially surprising because the show—despite being the big thing on Showtime for years—won’t be getting a proper goodbye season or series finale. The show’s seventh season finale, which aired back in January, is now the finale episode of Ray Donovan.

This comes from Deadline, which says Showtime foreshadowed that the end of the Liev Schreiber-starring fixer drama would be coming sooner rather than later, but even then it seemed likely that it would get a final season to wrap up whatever else needed fixing in Ray Donovan’s life. But alas, we have reached the end of Ray Donovan, and now it’s up to us to figure out what a post-Ray Donovan life even looks like.

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