Dice (2016) Official Trailer (Screenshot: YouTube)

Firefly couldn’t do it. Neither could Freaks And Geeks, Police Squad!, or My So-Called Life. But somehow through the grace of the television gods, Showtime’s Dice has been granted a second season on Showtime, according to Variety. Seven additional half-hour episodes are due to air on the cable network in 2017.

Created by Scot Armstrong, best known for penning the screenplays for Old School and Road Trip, the semi-autobiographical series follows 58-year-old, Brooklyn-born raunch comic Andrew Dice Clay, who once sold out sports arenas with his caustic humor in the late 1980s, as he grouchily adjusts to post-superstar life with his girlfriend and sons in Las Vegas. The first six-episode season concentrated on Clay’s efforts to keep his career afloat, all while dealing with various domestic headaches and his own gambling debts.

The series’ primary conceit is that the massive ego that once made Clay a sensation is now a considerable hindrance to living a semi-normal life in the 21st century, especially now that he’s back to being a medium-sized fish in a big pond again. That doesn’t sound like a series with a great deal of potential for growth, but the decision makers at Showtime clearly felt that there was a little more juice to be squeezed from this particular turnip. Fans of Almost Human and Wonderfalls are advised to eat their hearts out.