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Lisa Kudrow in Web Therapy

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime has canceled Web Therapy, the Lisa Kudrow-led cable series. Showtime president David Nevins shared the news during the TCA press tour Tuesday, telling THR that the half-hour comedy was “done” and would not be renewed for a fifth season. The publication notes that following Web Therapy’s cancellation, Showtime’s fall lineup will be stocked with the comedies Shameless, Episodes, and House Of Lies (although Shameless is really more of a dramedy).

Web Therapy began as a web series and ran for four seasons on Showtime; it featured Kudrow as Fiona Wallace, a self-proclaimed “web therapist” whose utmost concern seemed to be the most efficient use of her time (preferably on herself). By cutting the average therapy session down to three-minute video chats, Fiona thought patients would arrive at their breakthroughs more quickly. It didn’t always go well, but at least celebrities like Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Conan O’Brien were occasionally part of the healing.


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