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Showtime developing poker comedy with creators of Weeds

Capitalizing on the poker fad that’s sweeping the nation of five years ago, Showtime has signed Weeds producers Jenji Kohan and Matthew Salsberg to craft a comedy called Whales that Deadline says is about “a group of brilliant and quirky young people, some of them Harvard and MIT graduates, who move to Las Vegas to live in a lavish apartment while pursuing the $10 million prize at the World Series of Poker.” (According to the Poker Dictionary, a “whale” is a term for “a poor player who is very wealthy and will donate to the game over a long period of time.”) Of course, this being from the creative team behind Weeds, we give it about one season before Whales drops the whole poker concept and turns into a series about, say, Russian mobsters hiding out while running a pawn shop or something.


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