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Forever drawn to people with terrible secrets, the rebellious minister’s daughter that is Showtime has put into development its latest show about people with terrible secrets—this time from David Cross, whose terrible secret is he sometimes enjoys receiving money, even when it’s for movies others might find questionable. Deadline quotes Cross as saying the series he’ll write and executive produce concerns “a modestly successful travel writer who struggles to keep his families happy and satisfied. Oh, and also from finding out about each other’s existence.” Like a funnier version of Fox’s abruptly canceled Lone Star, say, or an only slightly exaggerated roman à clef of the late Charles Kuralt. Cross reportedly won’t star, though it’s possible he might turn up in a supporting role. It’s also possible the real secret is that one of the protagonist’s families is a wealthy one who lost everything, and now he has no choice but to keep them all together. [Note: This is not possible.]


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