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Showtime decides to keep Kidding around

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Puppet-based ennui continues to rule supreme, as Showtime confirms that it’s giving another season to Kidding, Jim Carrey, Dave Holstein, and Michel Gondry’s exploration of what it looks like when Mr. Rogers loses his shit. The series—which also co-stars Catherine Keener, Judy Greer, and Frank Langella—has been pulling in decent critical notices over the last month, including some attention it got after showing off the behind-the-scenes process of a technically impressive no-cut shot from a recent episode.


Showtime issued the usual “We’re all so happy to continue being in the Kidding business” statement to announce the renewal, heaping praise on Carrey’s damaged kids entertainer, Mr. Pickles. Meanwhile, if you haven’t checked the series out yourself, you can see if sad puppet action is your personal jam courtesy of the first episode, which the network has released on YouTube.

[via Variety]

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