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Showtime announces fall premiere dates for beloved returning series, and also Ray Donovan

Props to Liev Schreiber, though: This picture looks like it could have come from any Ray Donovan episode filmed in the last 30 years.
Photo: Jeff Neumann (Showtime)

As part of its day in the sun at this year’s summer TCA press tour, Showtime made a whole boatload of expected announcements this afternoon: New shows, trailers, and also the slightly less glamorous business of announcing when many of its existing and new series would be returning or debuting for another run. Among these series: Kidding, the revival of The L Word, Shameless, and Ray Donovan, even though that last one gives us just this blinding headache every time we’re suddenly forced to remember that it’s still on the air, and has, in fact, been so for the last six years

The majority of these series will debut in the fall—even the ones that force us to walk around clutching our heads, attempting to reconcile our memories with the fact that Jon Voight has spent the better part of a decade starring in a cable series about…Boston mobsters who are also Hollywood fixers, we think? Kidding (Voight-less) will be back on November 3, along with the 10th season premiere of Shameless. The L-World: Generation Q, meanwhile, will have to wait to make its debut on December 8, because hey hey hey, make way for Ray.


In fact, the Liev Schreiber-starring fever dream is getting a snazzy new timeslot this year, presumably to shore up slightly flagging ratings from its most recent season. (Although to be fair to the series, its fairly consistent 1 million viewer count is roughly on par with Shameless, and a lot better than the Jim Carrey-starring Kidding did in its first season.) The show’s seventh season will debut on Saturday, November 17 at 8 p.m., and will continue in that spot for the rest of the season, and also into infinite fucking perpetuity, as far as we can tell.

Anyway, here are some other Showtime premieres announced today: Homeland’s final season on February 9, the comedy series Work In Progress on December 8, docu-series Couples Therapy on September 6, and true-crime series Murder In The Bayou on September 13. We’re going to go lay down.

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