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Showtime adapting 2007 film You Kill Me as TV series, because it's there

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Suggesting that the television industry is sorting through some rarely disturbed shelves of its local video store in search of films that can still be adapted, Showtime has begun developing a small-screen version of You Kill Me, the Ben Kingsley mobster movie that isn’t Sexy Beast. Like John Dahl’s fine but mostly forgettable film from 2007, the dark comedy will focus on an alcoholic hitman drying out in San Francisco, where he takes a job at a mortuary and soon encounters even more indie-film quirks—like his AA sponsor, a gay toll collector on the Golden Gate Bridge, or a no-nonsense corporate spokeswoman with whom he strikes up an unusual, illogical relationship. Original writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (also known for Captain America and, oddly enough, The Chronicles Of Narnia) will return to write and executive-produce the TV version, which will no doubt elicit many harsh comparisons to the movie from the rabid, uncompromising Ben Kingsley fan that must exist somewhere, surely, and is no doubt posting slightly disconcerting things on IMDb under the name "SirBenKingsleyFan09," or something like that.


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