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Showrunner Justin Spitzer quits his Superstore

The cast of Superstore with showrunner Justin Spitzer on the far right.
Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

Whether or not it’s due to being knocked unconscious by one of the seemingly endless array of things that can fall on you in a big-box store, showrunner Justin Spitzer is clocking out of NBC’s superlative sitcom Superstore.

Variety reports that Spitzer, who spent seven seasons writing and producing for The Office before creating his own workplace ensemble comedy, recently renewed his overall deal with Universal Television, and is leaving the show to focus on new projects for the studio. He’ll be diving right in, too, as apparently Universal is looking for him to begin working on developing shows for the 2019-2020 season. Taking over as co-showrunners starting in season five will be Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green, names Superstore fans will likely be relieved to see as the new heads, given they’ve been with the series since season one and have not only been writing but executive producing alongside Spitzer throughout his tenure.


Normally we’d say everyone can punch out early to celebrate this news and toast to Spitzer’s work, but frankly, there’s a big delivery coming in tonight and it’d actually be better if you could all stay late, instead.

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