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Algorithmic clothing, which takes a simple design and imprints endless graphics on top, is easy to point and laugh at. Hey, remember the Kim Jong-Un romper? They’re an interesting node along the death of retail, promising clothing that doesn’t need to be made to be sold. Find a versatile enough template and eventually someone will want, say, a swimsuit with Guy Fieri’s face on it. The possibilities are intentionally and literally endless.

And yet these Pepsi shirts, emblazoned with the soft drink logo but with the brand name replaced with one of an endless number of more interesting foodstuffs, work better than expected, subtly ribbing the corporate iconography alongside food culture in general. Are you an enchiladas person? Do you wish you could drink cole slaw or buckwheat flour? What the fuck is usuage? Or nasturtium?


All of the T-shirts are available for the almost cosmically preordained price of $19.97. Get algorithmically subversive today!

[via Kottke]

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