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Show-off builds son a Breath Of The Wild playhouse and we’re not jealous at all, no sir

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Greeting, weary traveler of the internet. Welcome to the Oh This Is So Nice Inn. Would you like to rest here? Our normal bed will cost you 20 rupees. Our blissful water bed is 80 rupees. Simply setting your weary self down for a spell and watching this endearing video of a dad building a frankly incredible playhouse for his kids, however? That’s free.

For those unfamiliar with The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, the playhouse being created here is a faithful, painstakingly detailed recreation of the house in Hateno Village which, if the right person is asked, Link has the option to buy. But one need not be familiar with one of the greatest games of all time to appreciate the craftsmanship at work here, to say nothing of the charm and attention to detail of the video itself.

Honestly, this rules. The headline up there may focus on how we are definitely not jealous and for sure do not want to hang out in a Link’s House of our very own, but the video itself is pretty wonderful and, much like running around in Breath Of The Wild, oddly soothing. Donovan, the dad behind Once Upon A Workbench, has also made the build plans and instruction manual available for purchase, so if you have access to tools and an actual backyard, you, too, could make yourself a cool little hut in which to hide from life’s troubles one for a kid in your life.


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