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Shout! Factory TV is now streaming on Amazon Prime

Shout! Factory jumped on the bandwidth wagon with the launch of a streaming channel back in February 2015, thereby introducing new generations to—or just reacquainting old ones with—Mystery Science Theater 3000, a plethora of Godzilla flicks, and all the Home Movies they could handle. Sure, Shout! Factory TV was an ad-supported site, which meant sitting through commercials as if you were watching those Dennis The Menace reruns on an actual TV. But that was still a small price to pay, considering it was actually free. Well, for those who are a little more concerned with time than their budgets, Shout! Factory’s just launched a new add-on subscription with Amazon Channels that’ll let you watch The Jerk and The Saint for not much more than a single Redbox rental.

Amazon Prime members can sign up for the Shout! Factory TV video subscription for just $2.99/month, which will give them access to thousands of hours of entertainment, including the recently added Women’s Prison Massacre, Capricorn One, Saturn 3, The Cassandra Crossing and The Eagle Has Landed. But if those movies aren’t your thing, you can also watch The Weird Al Show or the complete Ultraman series. Apple TV users will have the original ad-supported site at their fingertips, thanks to a new mobile app, that’s also free to download.


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