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Shout! Factory TV brings you six sleepover classics in glorious VHS

The best trash deserves a direct-to-video sequel, and that’s exactly what Shout! Factory TV is giving its subscribers. The streaming service that ran five cult classics in from shoddy VHS masters last October is doing it again with VHS Vault 2: Revenge Of The Cassette.

Starting today, Shout! Factory will be streaming five sleepover classics, including BMX Bandits, The Kentucky Fried Movie, Dreamscape, Naked Angels, and Streetwalkin’. Streaming for the first time will the “video store throwback movie,” A Real Job. Shout! Factory will also be streaming the film it aired for its inaugural VHS Vault, including Sleepaway Camp, Class Of 1984, and Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story Of The VHS Collector, which features The A.V. Club’s Katie Rife being interviewed in front of what appears to be the beginning of a killer collection of Jerry Maguire tapes. With all the grain, static, and improper aspect ratios, the only thing missing is the late fee.


Shout! Factory TV is available right here, or on your Roku device, right now.

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