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Shout! Factory throws TV party: Max Headroom, Larry Sanders, Gold Monkey and more on the way

Over the past few years, Shout! Factory has become the TV fan's best friend, releasing the features-packed complete-season sets that the major studios don't (or won't). In recent months, Shout! Factory has given something to those who love quality television (thirtysomething) and those who love stupid television (Small Wonder). Up next? On June 8th, the complete run of the early '80s Indiana Jones rip-off Tales Of The Gold Monkey. Then, possibly in September, S!F follows up its stellar It's Garry Shandling's Show set with the complete run of The Larry Sanders Show (a DVD series that had stalled at Sony, its original home). And though there's no release date set yet, the company announced over the weekend that they've acquired the rights to the cult sci-fi series Max Headroom and Norm MacDonald's first sitcom, The Norm Show. Thanks, Shout! Factory! You've earned your extra exclamation point.


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