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Shout! Factory gets in on this whole streaming trend

Not pictured: An iPad playing Dreamscape

From its origins as a spiritual successor to Rhino Records, the tastes of home video and music label Shout! Factory have always skewed retro. Today, however, Shout brings that sensibility into the 2010s (or the late ’00s, at least) with the launch of Shout! Factory TV, a streaming site that explains why you can’t watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix anymore. Thirty episodes of that series—along with all of Home Movies, films like Stagecoach and Police Story, and a pair of Steve Martin stand-up specialsare currently playing at the ad-supported site, with a press release teasing coming attractions that include all Hoop Dreams, all 16 films from Shout’s Herzog: The Collection Blu-ray set, and the complete run of The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis. While clearing some space on the nation’s crowded DVD shelves, Shout! Factory TV will also host the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon, meaning MSTies needn’t ever watch their favorite show on YouTube again. (Though that’s increasingly been the case in the past year.) The site’s launch was proceeded by this promotional video, though a far more effective demonstration of Shout! Factory TV’s services can be found in the embed below.


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