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Short film gives man the destructive, Midas-like powers of a Lego god

As Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben famously said, with great power comes great responsibility. But what comes with strangely specific powers? According to a short film by Corridor Digital, the answer is some pretty irresponsible shenanigans and surplus of building blocks.

Clocking in at under two minutes, the short film eschews dialogue in favor of some nifty special effects. Turn Anything Into Lego! centers on a millennial desk jockey who is bestowed with the ability to transform anything he touches into a similarly shaped pile of Lego bricks.


Like a modern-day King Midas, the young man sees his gift become a curse as his powers spiral out of control. By the end, however, we learn there is no affliction that can’t be ameliorated by the monetizing powers of eBay.

Turn Anything Into Lego! is a clever little project that provides some trifling humor and imaginative amateur special effects. Given the trajectory of a similar short film, it’s may only be a matter of time before Adam Sandler uses his own King Midas powers, transforming a modest, whimsical outing into a bloated, feature-length corpse.

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