There are a lot of potential drawbacks to time travel: accidentally negating your own existence Back To The Future-style, killing your future self a la Looper, or even doing whatever the hell happens in Primer (it seems bad though). If there’s a way out of this conundrum, one approach might be to limit how far back in time a person can go–say to just 60 seconds–as this amusing short film “One-Minute Time Machine” explores. An Official Selection of the Sploid Short Film Festival, “One-Minute Time Machine” is the story of one man who uses the immense power of time travel to attempt to get laid. Which, if time travel follows the same general course as most other human invention, is probably a pretty fair speculation. There’s a twist we won’t spoil, but suffice it to say it’s basically a miniature, horny Groundhog Day with a dash of Rick And Morty thrown in for good measure.