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Shocking link discovered between people who like Batman, people who like pornography

In today's second least-surprising news item (after the fact that Wesley Snipes is still not in prison), Comic Book Resources brings word that there is significant crossover between people who enjoy the adventures of imaginary crime-fighter Batman and people who enjoy masturbating to pornography.

The word comes in the form of a press release from Adult Video News that Axel Braun's Batman XXX:  A Porn Parody, his superhero spoof for Vivid Entertainment, is officially the best-selling adult video of 2010.  Batman XXX has also been nominated for a record-breaking 16 AVN Awards, leading Braun (for whom pornography is a family business; his father was also a porn director and producer, which probably made for some fun holiday weekends) to enthuse that "being recognized for doing something you actually love is quite a fantastic feeling".


So successful was the hardcore take on the '60s Batman TV series that it has led to the formation of SuperXXXHero, a new vivid imprint for which Braun is now filming Superman XXX:  A Porn Parody and casting for the leads in Spider-Man XXX:  A Porn Parody, which will feature the super-villain Electro for reasons it is perhaps best not to speculate.