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Shocker: The Game Of Thrones finale was the most-watched episode in HBO's history

Illustration for article titled Shocker: The iGame Of Thrones/i finale was the most-watched episode in HBOs history
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For the tiny population of ambivalent folks who politely sat Game Of Thrones out for eight seasons, Sunday night might have felt like hanging solo on an island. If at any point during the night while perusing through the heaps of Thrones-related, top-notch reactions you considered the possibility of being the only one not watching along, the most recent viewership statistics are here and...well, we’re sure you were in good company somewhere. Despite what appears to be a very widespread dislike for final season, the finale garnered 13.6 million live viewers and 5.6 million streams via HBO GO and HBO Now. That’s a total of 19.2 million views, making it the most watched episode of any show in HBO’s history and probably not the best time for a cameo by a wayward water bottle.


The only show to have ever come close to this level of ratings gold was The Sopranos, which had 13.4 million people tune in to witness one of the most frustrating fades-to-black in televised history. It would take quite the juggernaut to assume Game Of Thrones’ place, and since the finale left the door open for numerous spin-offs, we’re sure the network will scrounge up something.

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