Earlier this year Hard Girls released A Thousand Surfaces, the kind of agitated indie-punk that the band’s members had specialized in with their various other projects. Now, Hard Girls’ guitarist Mike Huguenor is proving he had plenty more where that came from, as his long-standing band Shinobu announces its first new album in five years, 10 Thermidor. The album will be co-released by Really Records and Lauren Records, two labels that have proven adept at releasing impassioned and inventive punk over the past few years. The two labels will be doing a fundraising pre-order for the album, with every $1,000 earned seeing a new song released and the entire album available for free download once they hit $3,000. The A.V. Club is streaming “Culture, Inc.,” the first song from 10 Thermidor, which sees Huguenor guiding the band with a snaking, single-note guitar riff that spills into messy call-and-response vocals with the rest of the band. It’s the type of lo-fi punk that Shinobu’s always dealt in, but with a few diversions thrown in for good measure.


Shinobu tour dates
Nov. 1–The Fest–Gainesville, Florida
Jan. 09, 2015–Bottom of the Hill–San Francisco, California w/ Winter Break, Diners (Record Release)
January 10, 2015–VLHS–Pomona, California w/ Winter Break, Diners (Record Release)