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Shine on, you crazy cyclops goat

Screenshot: YouTube

Hey, check out this cute little baby goat, which what the fuck is going on with its face?

Cyclops goat here was born in India recently with one motherfucking eye, as you may have noticed. Animals don’t normally survive long with cyclopia, which is apparently a condition so common that they had to give it this thunderingly obvious name, but this little guy appears to be doing well, outlasting doctors’ forecasts enough to gain regular visitors, who are hopefully very nice to him. How is one’s vision with one eye—does the goat see more or less of the world around it? Does cyclops goat see the future? The past? Does it see through walls?


It’s unclear. One thing is certain, though: Cyclops goat will haunt our dreams for the rest of our days, its unyielding one-eyed-ness giving no answers to the mysteries of existence, like some sort of transdimensional traveler here to blow our minds. Please continue to do you, Cyclops Goat.

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